Contributed: $12,281,927
Last Updated: July 2018
Campaign Goal: $10,000,000

Grab ‘N Go Café Alumni Challenge


"Today, we extend to you the opportunity to participate in this historic moment at Berea. Because we are so committed to this momentous project, Betty and I are going to match every gift from alumni outside of science, math, or nursing majors, up to $50,000."

- Betty & Dennis Roop

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Since its founding in 1855, Berea College has been inspired by its Great Commitments to invest in lives of great promise, connect them to build a strong learning community, and thereby transform those students, the region we serve, and the world beyond.

“The new Margaret A. Cargill Natural Sciences and Health building is an investment in that mission of connection and transformation that will propel Berea College forward in the 21st century, rising to the challenge of its inspiring commitments and providing a unique model for higher education in our country."

- Lyle D. RoelofsPresident, Berea College

  • Student Profile

    Tyller Culliver ’17

    “Berea teaches you not to give up, it says, ‘Don’t give up because people care about you! We care about you in this way, that way, and this way.’ I don’t think at another school we would know how people believe in us, and how much farther we can go when we have that support!”

    Chemistry Major
  • Student Profile

    Tatiana Mikhailova ’16

    “I plan to pursue biomedical research, but I am still deciding whether to pursue a medical degree or Ph.D. Both of them can let you do research but a medical degree will also help you see patients.”

    Chemistry Major
  • Student Profile

    Jazmin Escamilla ’18

    “I spent almost my entire 4 years of high school trying to figure out how I would be able to have a better life for myself, and I knew that education would be the way to do that.”

    Biology Major
  • Donor Profile

    Dr. James “Jimmy” Dean ’66

    Dr. James Dean gives back by opening the door to lives of service for others.

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