Dennis & Betty Roop

Grab ‘N Go Café Alumni Challenge



Dr. Matthew Saderholm Chemistry 101 class

Berea always considers student needs first, while also weighing the ever-changing landscape of higher education. Berea is committed to remaining competitive and cutting-edge. The first step in that direction is investing in a new learning space that brings together Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Nursing, and Physics under one roof. Will you take the first step with us and make a gift toward the campaign for the Margaret A. Cargill Natural Sciences and Health Building campaign?

The Margaret A. Cargill Natural Sciences and Health Building will provide every student on campus a new science building with state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories, and technologies. We all took a math or science class as part of our core requirements. So, this investment is important for every student, not just science majors. This will be a dynamic place for everyone, with open spaces and glass walls, taking the mystery out of science and welcoming in the whole community.

We are particularly excited about a great central spot for all students to grab a quick snack or satisfying meal – the Grab ‘N Go Café. The café is planned adjacent to plenty of seating in the building’s common area and will be perfect for a casual lunch with friends or a quiet moment with a book.

As leaders of the Grab ‘N Go Café Alumni Challenge, one of our goals is to encourage every alum to participate in this special campaign because this building will impact every student on campus – not just those in the sciences, Math, or Nursing.


Today, we extend to you the opportunity to participate in this historic moment at Berea. Because we are so committed to this momentous project, Betty and I are going to match every gift from alumni outside of science, math, or nursing majors, up to $50,000.


As we make Berea history together, your investment in this new science facility will strengthen Berea’s overall liberal arts experience, by providing a great opportunity for outreach to the region. As a tool to educate the region, this building will be an unmatched resource, inspiring young students who visit this amazing facility to pursue their dreams in higher education.

But let’s not forget, the new science building will also assume the position as the College’s gateway from the north. It will be the first educational building visitors see as they embark on their Berea visit. The design of this building invites people to stop and come in, to look and discover. With the commons area and the Grab ‘N Go Café central to that experience, your gift will be a part of bringing that Berea gateway to life.

Today, you join with all those whose contributions and investment in Berea made a difference in our lives, such as those who invested in Hall Science Building, Draper Building, Woods-Penniman, and all the other buildings we benefited from as students. We never met these individuals, but felt their impact on our lives by walking through the halls, learning in the classrooms, and connecting with classmates. That’s exactly what future Berea students will feel in the new Margaret A. Cargill Natural Sciences and Health Building.

Providing up-to-date facilities and a world-class education through Tuition Promise Scholarships would be impossible without gifts from people like you to both our annual Berea Fund and to specific efforts like the Margaret A. Cargill Natural Sciences and Health Building campaign.

Pay your amazing Berea opportunity forward and say, “thank you,” to all the donors before you who made it possible. Join with us and your classmates to complete this building, which is so vital to our future, the region, and future Berea students. Together, we are investing and connecting to create a space capable of enhancing the College’s strong traditions and commitments, and transforming all Berea students so they are ready to step into the future confident and prepared!

With Gratitude,


Dennis R. Roop, BA, MA, PhD ’69


Betty Hollandsworth Roop, RN, BSN, MPH ’70