Campaign Contributors

Roberta Larew Allison ’42

Vicki Elaine Allums ’79

Jeffrey S. Amburgey Hon. ’10 and Janie Amburgey

Dr. Dawn Anderson

Stephen M. and Jane Anderson

Dr. Emel L. Atkins ’57 and Margaret Boyd Atkins ’58

Dr. Jay H. Baltisberger

Dr. and Mrs. C. Robert Barnard

James T. and Hanna Bartlett

Dr. Charlotte Faye Beason ’70

June Mullins Begley ’64

Dr. Chad T. Berry and Mrs. Lisa Berry

Vance Edward Blade ’82 and Vivian Hairston Blade ’85

Nancy E. Blair, Esq.

Dr. Stephen C. Bolster Hon. ’12 and Sandra S. Bolster Hon. ’12

Rev. Anne B. Bonnyman

Mrs. James C. Bowling

Mr. Joseph J. Bridy

Dr. Warren E. Bulman ’48 and Verna Hall Bulman ’49

Virgil Burnside, Jr. ’74 and Jackie Grisby Burnside ’74

Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Caldwell

Richard Darrel Campbell ’58

Mr. Jonathan T. Chapin

Ms. Mabel Lee and Mr. David H. Chow

Dr. Robert N. Compton ’60 and Milinda Byrd Compton ’62

ConocoPhillips Company

James Edward Cooper ’83

C. Dean Cornett ’55 and Nina Crabtree Cornett ’61

Elizabeth Culbreth ’64

Drs. Marilla and Roy M. Scudder-Davis

Roxy Davis and Teresa Kash-Davis ’84

Dr. James Dean ’66

Joe William Derting ’55 and Janet Miller Derting ’58

Dume Wolverine Foundation

Carl C. Evans ’62 and Dr. Ann Evans

Drs. Stephanie Leah and Michael M. Fabritius

Dr. John E. Fleming ’66 and Dr. Barbara Durr Fleming ’68

Mrs. Shirley B. Fowler

Howland A. Fowler Trust

Dr. James R. Gaines ’56 and Jo An Howard Gaines ’57

Mary Robert and Andrew Garrett

Dr. Smith H. Gibson ’45 and Lucille Holmes Gibson ’45

Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Gross, III

Jerry B. Hale ’73 and Nancy Walker Hale ’73

Donna Stauffer and John Richard Hall

Robert F. Hawks ’77 and Katherine Beckman Hawks ’77

Don Richard Hirschman ’66

Dr. Megan M. Hoffman and Mr. Charles F. Hoffman

Mr. V. Lavoyed Hudgins

Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Jenkins

Glenn R. Jennings ’72 and Linda Owens Jennings ’80

Dr. William H. Johnstone ’74 and Brenda Starnes Johnstone ’75

Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Jonsson

Rev. Michael G. and Dr. Nancy Olmsted Kaehr

Dr. Monica Kennison

Mrs. Amy Fowler Kinch

Julius Kpaduwa ’75

Dr. William A. Laramee Hon. ’09 and Monica Satkowski Laramee ’77

Brenda Todd Larsen and Charles Larsen, III

Dr. Daniel Lee ’84 and Margaret McCoy Lee ’85

Dr. Esfandiar Lohrasbpour ’74

James T. Lucas and Betty Koger Lucas ’66

Dr. Alice R. Manicur ’54

Mr. Troy Christopher Messina

Robert Clell Miller ’58 and Joy Phillips Miller ’58

Dr. Harold L. Moses ’58 and Linda H. Moses

Dr. Betty Hyatt Olinger ’69 and David Y. Olinger, Jr. ’69

Mr. Thomas H. Oliver

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Orr, Jr.

William E. Parker ’53

Dr. Eugene Q. Parr ’49 and Joan Lykins Parr ’48

Thomas W. Phillips ’65 and Dorothy M. Phillips

Ms. Kathleen Picken

Judy Ann Rector ’73

Joseph W. Richen ’60

Larrey W. Riddle ’80 and Jackie Collier ’80

Dr. James Michael Riemann ’62 and Theda Rasnick Riemann ’63

Dr. and Mrs. Lyle D. Roelofs

Dr. Dennis Russell Roop ’69 and Betty Hollandsworth Roop ’70

Mr. Timothy R. Rowland

Dr. Matthew Jay Saderholm ’92 and Angela Faith Anderson ’93

Lou Haigler Salter ’47

Dr. Hershel G. Sawyer ’57 and Barbara Weaver Sawyer ’57

Dr. Charles Ward Seabury, II

Mr. David Seabury

Seabury Foundation

Charlie J. Shavers ’01 and Felicia Siwnney-Shavers ’02

Kathleen Kincaid Shaw ’40

Dr. David Eugene Shelton ’69

Mr. and Mrs. Yu Shyr

Joanne Watson Singh

Phillip Derrick Singleton and Kimberly Ann Cromer Singleton ’90

Ron Smith ’56

Eleanore Burchell Sturgill ’55

Dr. D. Jack Tate ’63 and Sue Ellen Shelton Tate ’65

Mr. Anthony Thein

Theresa A. and John H. Thesing

Mr. Tyler Smyth Thompson ’83

Mr. James Tuan ’78

Dr. Rocky S. Tuan ’72

Mr. John Vanderstar

Dr. Jimmy W. Viers ’65 and Virginia McDavid Viers ’65

Ms. Margaret Wallhagen and Mr. William J. Strawbridge

Mrs. Theresa Walker-Wedell and Mr. Thomas J. Wedell

Wilson Resources, Inc.

Judge Bradley Wilson, II ’78

Ms. Tracy M. Hodge and Mr. Charles R. A. Wilton

Dr. Ballard D. Wright ’59 and Elizabeth Peterson Wright ’60

Robert T. Yahng ’63 and Tina Ing Yahng

Dr. Steven W. Yates ’83 and Mrs. Debbie Jarvis-Yates ’83

Mrs. Stephanie Bowling Zeigler and Mr. Eric Zeigler

Dr. Ivaylo Stoyano Zlatev ’93 and Marichelle Asuncion Zlatev ’94