Connect High School Teachers to Innovative Science Education

Connect High School Teachers to Innovative Science EducationIt’s not easy to increase the flow of high school science and math students into higher education’s pipeline.

Roughly 30 percent of public high school chemistry and physics teachers and 25 percent of math teachers did not major in these fields; a significant number have not earned a certificate to teach those subjects, particularly in the underserved areas from which many ofBerea’s students come.

The Margaret A. Cargill Natural Sciences and Health Building will become a place to train Appalachia’s teachers and serve as a launching pad for the application of innovative techniques in their classrooms.Berea will also enhance their ability to make interdisciplinary connections; strengthen their capacity to look at questions from multiple perspectives and develop the habits of critical, creative and reflective inquiry. And through this synergy, more high school students in Appalachia will be exposed to the best methods of scientific teaching
and learning, increasing educational attainment in one of the nation’s most economically challenged regions.