Connect Science to Other Disciplines

Connect Science To Other DisiplinesInnovative design in this new building puts science, math and nursing learning on display for all students, connecting majors and non-majors in new and compelling ways.

Seeing learning in action may inspire a first-year student, for example, who might never have considered a science, math or nursing degree. And general education courses will inspire future generations of students in new learning and lab settings to understand the connection of learning across multiple disciplines. Indeed, connecting different disciplines was one of several dreams of
Berea’s founder, John G. Fee, who sought to create a school “in which youth should be instructed not only in the principles of the natural sciences, but also in the principles of liberty and justice.”

In addition to its long and continued history as an autonomous endeavor, mathematics is an essential component of all the natural sciences and health fields. It is also integral in the interdisciplinary investigations critical for ensuring success in fields such as education, bioinformatics, climate change, finance, economics and engineering, among others.

This new building will allow us simultaneously to sustain mathematics as an independent endeavor and integrate mathematics, statistics, and computation with STEM and health programs to better train the next generation to tackle critical problems that affect economic growth, health, national security and more.”

— Dr. James Blackburn-Lynch
Program Chair in Mathematics
Associate Professor of Mathematics