Invest in Future Generations

Invest In Future GenerationsNew science facilities catalyze an interest in science. Institutions with new science buildings typically see increases of 25 percent in students pursuing science as a major. Berea’s current building, however, causes some students to turn away from the fastest growing fields in health and sciences. And because many of our students did not have access to adequate educational resources and facilities in high school, it is our obligation to level the playing field to train future generations in math, science, and nursing. The new Natural Sciences and Health Building will provide the access to high-quality educational resources Berea’s students of great promise need to succeed in Appalachia and across the world.

Right now, there is a lack of space in our labs. Some students decide to change majors because of class scheduling issues. If we have more space, we can retain science majors and have room to engage even more new students.”

— Kaamilah Wilson ’16, Chemistry, Pre-Med