Invest in Innovative Learning Spaces

Innovative Learning SpacesSince 1927, the Hall Science Building has been the focal point for science instruction and learning at Berea.

Once a modern facility for students, it is now obsolete, and today’s science, mathematics, and health graduates are succeeding in their fields despite the existing building, not because of it. Innovation in science and nursing instruction has left Berea’s outdated buildings behind.

Berea’s students deserve up-to-date facilities that give them the resources they need to gain entrance into high-quality graduate and professional programs and to secure competitive positions in industry, top-level research labs, healthcare or teaching. They are competing with graduates who have been trained in better-equipped and newer buildings designed to facilitate discovery and empower learning. It is long overdue for Berea to provide such a space for its students.

However, we cannot do so without your help.

It’s pretty much the same as it was when I took biology and chemistry classes there almost 60 years ago. It was a good building in the 1950s, but it has only been upgraded minimally, and the fields of chemistry, biology, math, physics, and nursing have changed dramatically in that time frame.”

— Dr. Harold “Hal” Moses ’58, Chemistry
Trustee and Director Emeritus
Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center