Transform Healthcare in the Region

Transform Healthcare in the RegionAs one of America’s most challenged regions for quality healthcare, Appalachia needs caring and capable doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

With your help, Berea’s faculty will be able to effectively teach and train the next generation of healthcare professionals in a modern facility. Berea graduates are taught a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to medical problem-solving, one essential for compassionate care and healing.

And, thanks to the breadth and depth of Berea’s education, our graduates also learn to take care of their own personal wellness, allowing them to have even greater satisfaction and impact in their lives.

The new building sets the stage for inter-professional education whereby students from different disciplines engage with one another to improve outcomes for healthcare problems commonly faced by the people we serve in Appalachia. Learning how to work as effective healthcare team members is foundational to the competence we expect to see as our graduates lead efforts for healthcare change in Appalachia and beyond.”

— Dr. Monica Kennison
Susan V. Clayton Professor of Nursing and Chair
Baccalaureate Nursing Program